Propoziții în engleză cu past continuous

  • I was eating my dinner when the phone rang.
  • She was sleeping when I got home.
  • The children were playing in the park.
  • We were studying for our exams.
  • He was drinking his coffee.
  • They were walking down the street.
  • It was raining heavily.
  • He was riding his bike.
  • I was doing my homework.
  • She was reading a book.
  • They were talking about their plans.
  • I was cooking dinner.
  • He was watching a movie.
  • She was typing an email.
  • They were laughing at the joke.
  • I was washing the dishes.
  • She was listening to music.
  • He was driving to work.
  • The people were relaxing in the park.
  • We were taking a test.
  • I was mowing the lawn.
  • He was watering the plants.
  • She was writing a letter.
  • They were fishing in the lake.
  • I was ironing my clothes.
  • He was jogging in the park.
  • She was cleaning the house.
  • They were playing tennis.
  • I was taking a shower.
  • He was reading a magazine.

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